About us

In January 2005, Betty and I purchased 120 acres in Bristow, Oklahoma which included a beautiful 20 acre lake.  Our primary purpose for the purchase of this land was the lake so that our son, Scott, and I would have a private “fishing hole” and our children and grandchildren would have a place in the country to enjoy.   After the purchase of the property, little time was spent fishing or playing with the majority of our time spent clearing brush, taking down and repairing old fences and restoring the beauty of the land.  Over a three year period we built a barn, boat dock, log cabin and pens.  Our fishing hole turned into a full working ranch when we purchased our first 13 head of Limousin cattle “just for fun”.  Over time, we added an additional 300 acres and the cattle became the focus for the ranch.  After much research, trial and error; we became intrigued with Charolais breed.  In 2009, we made the decision to sell all existing cattle and purchase 20 head of Charolais  and embarked on a personal goal of making the Rocking S Ranch one of best pure bred Charolais herds, as well as, providing the best commercial cattle for sale.

Both Betty and I grew up on ranches in West Texas so we have enjoyed getting back to our roots.  We now pasture between 75-100 cows with our primary focus being on quality, rather than quantity.  In the past two years we solicited the help of Dennis Adams with Outfront Cattle using an aggressive AI program to continually improve our herd  through the purchase of quality cattle from some of the best Charolais Ranches in the industry.  This year we plan to implement an embryo transplant program to further enhance our program.  Like any other business, much of my knowledge of the Charolais business has come from ranchers with the same passion to promote the Charolais bred as the finest in the industry for food and to improve herd quality of commercial cattlemen with a Charolais influence.

We extend you an invitation to visit our little piece of paradise in Oklahoma and get a first-hand view of our cattle operation and cattle for sale (available for viewing under the “for sale” tab).

Butch & Betty